H3llo fr13nd

How are you?

It is the 20th of October 2020. This..Corona V1rus 15 st1ll there and p30pl3 started to get crazy.

1 hope that this is a new beginning. A split from the 0ld w0rld into a fu7ur3 of knowledge and science. Of people wh0 bel13ve in science and facts. A brighter future f0r u5 4ll.

I am in my bed now. ..

Outside 1 c4n 533 the f0r357 and the m00n.

Do you h4v3 forests in 7h3 fu7ur3? And.. are there animals inside?

Do you n0w what 4n1m4l5 4r3?


1’ll s33 y0u

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