H3llo fr13nd

How are you?

It is the 20th of October 2020. This..Corona V1rus 15 st1ll there and p30pl3 started to get crazy.

1 hope that this is a new beginning. A split from the 0ld w0rld into a fu7ur3 of knowledge and science. Of people wh0 bel13ve in science and facts. A brighter future f0r u5 4ll.

I am in my bed now. ..

Outside 1 c4n 533 the f0r357 and the m00n.

Do you h4v3 forests in 7h3 fu7ur3? And.. are there animals inside?

Do you n0w what 4n1m4l5 4r3?


1’ll s33 y0u

The right way to cut the wire?

First let me tell you this:

Two years ago I was banned from PayPal. The reason was…and that was the information they told me: Our algorithm found illegal activities in your account. There is nothing we can do.

No one could told me what happend. I only used it for buying stuff on ebay so it was not a very hard hit. But… it scares me how fast you can cut from a service that everyone use.

And no, the stuff I bought was not illegal.

Anyway… I dont miss it.

Last year the USA banned Huawei from all US Services so they can not use it for there Smartphones. That means that all new Huawei Smartphones come without the Google Services. The Google Services are an important part of the Android App ecosystem. Most Apps use the Service to connect or to verfiy that there is no hacked version on the Smartphone. Without the services…Apps cannot start.

The ban of the Google Services are the reason why Huawei is not selling a big number of Smartphones on the western world. … very bad because the Smartphones are very very good..

The reason why they was banned? The USA say that Huawei spies on user‘s data and spies for the chinese government and it is not safe to use it. Evidence for that? Nope!

Evidence that the USA spies ALL Users around the world with NSA Tools? ..Millions!!!

And now! Big tech companys like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Twitch, reddit and more banned users for there political posts.

A Guy was banned from Twitter with million followers because he create pro Trump memes. The Newsaccount from „The Blaze“ was also blocked because they retweeted a post from this guy two years ago. They had to delete this post to reactivate the Account.

This is not a war against Fake News or Hate speech. This is a war against people who think different.

The freedom of speech is for all .. as long as the opinion is what the companies set as correct.

That is a big step into a Cyberpunk future where big companys tell us what we can read, write and think. They tell us what is correct and what is not.

Not a political party or the police..no. Big companys act like children:

If you don’t play my game.. you are not my friend and you have to leave my room.

That is crazy. That is bullshit. That is dangerous!

We create a world where Big Companies are our parents. Our guides. And we have to stop it.

What happen if I Upload a pro Trump Photo or and Anti Google pic or ..whatever in my Google Photo App or in my iCloud? Is there a chance that my Account could be banned with all my Documents without a warning message?

In this times.. maybe! Two or three years ago I couldn‘t imagine that we are on this way…but now… oh boy.

So I decide to break out.

– I delete my Facebook Account (another reason was that I found two videos were a woman get raped and another were a guy killed a dog with a knife. I send it to Facebook and they told me that there is nothing wrong with that)

– I changed my Cloud from iCloud and OneDrive and Google Drive to my own Nextcloud

– Bye Bookmarksync with Safari and Chrome..Hello Firefox sync

– Bye GMAIL and iCloud .. Hello Protonmail

– Bye macOS and Windows .. Hello Linux

– Bye Microsoft Office .. Hello LibreOffice

– Bye Google ..Hello Ecosia and Duckduckgo

I search a good alternative for AppleMusic but I don‘t like Spotify…. we will see 🙂

We live in dangerous times. But with the changes I have made on the digital side… are a step forward to have my own safety Online zone without big Companies with stupid and dangerous rules.

For the freedom of speech, for all the open minded people